Impress Guide

Hi Peter and LibreOffice

I’ve been called back to work this week so I’m way busy with stuff here
that I cannot do anything on the Impress Guide anymore. If things
change, I'll let you know, but going forward an extra reviewer to support
you would be good.


Hello Claire

There has been a slight delay in me upgrading the Impress guide to version 7.0. I had to have a biopsy op for a lump in the neck which meant spending a few days in hospital. Now recovered and slowly getting back to catching up with LibreOffice.

I have hit a little problem with Impress which I am slowly sorting out.

The presentation styles do not seem to be behaving the same way as styles I have used in other software. I have to investigate why so that I can ask the LO community a proper question on Impress styles.

Peter Schofield