How to contribute to LibreOffice: a digest with pointers


Sophie Gautier from the Membership Committee has written a series of
articles on how to become a contributor to LibreOffice without being a
developer (nor becoming one). I have sampled them in a digest for
convenience and I hope it will help :

Charles-H. Schulz.

I would like to see more Regional Language DVD available for users at the LO site. The LibreOffice-Box and the North American Community DVD Project are the only two DVDs that are found on, as far as I know, that are available to users for downloading.

LO is supporting 100 languages, but right now German and English DVDs are it. It would be nice tohave links to Spanish, French, Italian, and other "major languages" around the world, DVDs dedicated for users in those languages. There may be projects out there for regional version of such DVDs, but I do not know how our users could find them or download an ISO file for them.

Creating a regional DVD and posting the ISO file online for our users to download -IS- one of the many ways to help support LibreOffice around the world.

So, this is my call to all users in other regions of the world to help their regional users by creating a DVD for them.
for NA-DVD [in English] with 3.6.3 installs
for NA-DVD [in English] with 3.6.2 installs
for LibreOffice-Box [in German] with 3.6.2 installs
For the DVDs for the last of the 3.5 line.