How to contact the admin team


due to a recent question, I'd like to outline the best way to contact the infrastructure/admin team.

Being an open and transparent project, the best and preferred way to reach the infrastructure team is our public mailig list at Admins are encouraged to read the list, and by posting your questions, wishes and infra problems there, you reach the widest audience.

As the mailing list is public, if you want to share confidential information, you can reach all admins on a private, nonpublic mailing list by writing to Please only make use of this if you have a need for confidentiality.

We also have a public IRC channel, called #tdf-infra on Several admins as well as interested community members regularly read the channel. However, due to the nature of IRC, be advised that messages might get missed or overseen. In case you receive no reply in time, please use one of the above mailing lists instead. Be advised that IRC is a public, nonconfidential medium as well.

If you want to know more about our admins, there is a dedicated wiki page available at Please decide thoroughly whether contacting individual admins makes sense. The admin team shares the work, and by contacting someone directly, you raise his or her workload and exclude the others from joining. The more public and transparent we work, the better we can gain new contributors.

To automate tasks better, we are currently evaluating several ticketing solutions, and eventually will offer self-creation of tickets with distribution to the responsible parties.