Guides' Titles


on Windows I see that the title of modules is in LO7RC1 also appended (with
"Personal", just like the suite itself, where "Personal Edition" is
appended), so open document in Writer has "NameOfTheDocument.odt -
LibreOffice Personal Writer) stated in the title bar.

Of course, the "Personal" / "Personal Edition" sub-labeling is still an
open issue with the board/community and it seems that the naming convention
for these "community", unsupported editions is leading to the brand
"Community Edition", but the community documentation team needs to properly
name the suite/modules that the community guides refer to.

So I guess LO7 community Guides (for "Personal"/ "Personal Edition" or
"Community" / "Community Edition" sub-labeling, which ever will be adopted)
would be therefore renamed to "Getting Started with LibreOffice
Personal/Community Edition", "Getting Started with LibreOffice Writer
Personal/Community", "Getting Started with LibreOffice Personal/Community
Online" etc.?

Lp, m.

I think it will convey a completely different meaning - "Getting Started
with LibreOffice Community". It will sound as if it is a guide to the
LibreOffice community. Also, AFAIK the help menu in the enterprise edition
has a User Guides option which opens the documentation website. The
enterprise edition do not have separate documentation. It has to be decided
whether we write documentation for only the personal/community edition or
both and then name the guide accordingly. Also, If we go with the second
option then we will have to do something about the Personal/Community
edition tag as the enterprise edition will not contain them.
Pulkit Krishna

Also, currently, we do not name our books like Getting Started with Base.
It is Base Guide. Getting Started with Base is a chapter in the Getting
Started Guide.
Pulkit Krishna

Well, from LO70 there is no product named LibreOffice anymore, just two
differently named products/modules, like LO Base Community and LO Base
Professional... Or whatever they will be called... So Base Community Guide?
It does sound strange.
Lp, m.

V pet., 10. jul. 2020 08:07 je oseba Pulkit Krishna <> napisala:

Well, that is the decision of the enterprise edition developers, not the
community, whether they will have a link in menus for community version
documentation or not.

Since they are corporations, these are their business decisions. They can
link to community guides, they can append community guides with their
premium features descriptions and rebrand and republish, whichever they

Lp, m.

V V pet., 10. jul. 2020 ob 09:54 je oseba Pulkit Krishna <> napisala:


The decision on a tag line for the TDF released binary (i.e. Personal
Edition or Community Edition or none) is ongoing so changing anything
presently would be premature.

Otherwise, I have seen no one from the documentation team weigh in on
the extensive conversation happening on the other MLs - you are all
part of the community and you have the option to give your feedback


Indeed. Please everyone, if you feel you have to say something in the
regards, we are eager to hear your opinion.

Thanks Drew for mentioning it.


Hello Drew

The logo on the front cover of the user guides should just simply include the text LibreOffice. No need for Community Edition. User guides can be used by anybody - private or commercial.\

Peter Schofield

Makes a lot of sense. +1 for clean LibreOffice logo.