Getting Started Guide 7.3

Hi team,
As you know, LO 7.3 was announced yesterday. Would be good if we can
finish updating the book and get it published.

I am revising the chapters that I updated and Kees reviewed. As I get
them done, I am putting them in WiP with _02_ in the filenames and
updating the Status spreadsheet. People can do second reviews if you
wish, but most of the UI changes have been minor, so that may not be
necessary; the major items are behind the scenes AFAICT.

Peter has updated the Impress and Draw chapters. I think that flywire
(whoever that is) will be working on Ch8 (Base).

Other chapters needing someone to update them, or say that no changes
are required, are Calc, Macros, and Keyboard Shortcuts. I will do the
Preface last.


Hello Jean and the Team

I have taken GS7315 Appendix A Keyboard Shortcuts for an update. Should be ready early next week.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team