Getting Started Guide 6.4: Link to ODT or PDF?


I was recommending the Getting Started Guide to someone on Reddit today,
and looked on this page:

The link is to the ODT version, whereas for most of the other books, the
links are to PDFs. Is that something we should change? I prefer PDF
documentation myself, but maybe there's a reason for this!

Here's the PDF:


PDF is pretty standard these days in the USA. ODT is good for the TECH GEEK
aficionado, but not the average corporate droid. The Firefox Foundation
always sold the documentation as a published portion when they gave their
browser usage for free and I believe the Document Foundation does the same.
Perhaps, I can go to the Barnes and Nobles and buy the LO Reference book or
eBook at some point as I generally have to continue education expenses on
this one.


Hello Mike
My bad. Fixed.

Given what Caroline wrote, is it worthwhile to create a .epub version of the complete guide? It is something that I can do.


Hi Dan

Your'e welcome. I went to this road before and here is the trick: E-pub
is a set of bundled html pages and html don't like tab characters.
Therefore we must ensure to replace tab character by proper spaces. It
happens when you have lists, where the list number or bullet is followed
by a tab character. Fix is to change the list style, but it requires
inspection. Other than that, it looks quite well.

A sample of e-pub is available here

Note: Miklos Vajna from Collabora worked a lot on e-pub in 2018-2019
period. Worth a second look.

Kind regards

I have some experience in this project. I created epub  versions for some of the chapters for LO 4.2. I even have a list of things to do including the things you mentioned that I wrote at the time. I have already started having converted the Guide ODT file to epub. I have also merged some of the xhtml files to make this more manageable. And yes, the list styles need to be checked very carefully: I had to do it before only in more complex settings. (I worked with three and four levels in some of these chapters.