Getting Started Guide 6.0 Ch 8, Base

Greetings Everyone,

In the LO Getting Started Guide 6.0, chapter 8, it says "Field names are required to be single words." ("Step 4:" pg 247, near the bottom.)

I searched elsewhere for confirmation but found nothing. This was a concern because I, a noob using Base's graphic interface (GUI), have made several tables with multi-word field names. (I'm using HSQL, if that matters for this.) I posted to the LO help forum for confirmation. I was informed that this is incorrect, but it is advisable. They did not elaborate further. I spent more than a couple hours trying to understand this discrepancy.

As a DB noob, I would guess that field names in SQL must be a single word, though not in the GUI? (I am guessing that this could be a problem if one tried to migrate the DB to a different engine, or something like that?) As I understand, an underscore used in place of a space poses no issues.

Should this rule be restated to "Field names should be single words*. Multi-word field names, when desired, can use an underscore ( _ ) to separate the words."?

* Maybe a short reason why should be included, such as "to avoid problems when using advanced features / migrating your database to a different application"?

Also, since this is my very first post, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone here on the LO Documentation team. It's been a while since I've done anything with a database, and I've learned several things just from chapter 8 in the Getting Started Guide. I hope I can help contribute to the project.


I am unable to find this mention in the latest guide: