Getting Started chapter 3 uploaded

Hardly any changes.

I have downloaded chapter 4.

Thanks, Hazel, for editing chapters 1 - 3.

It's actually Chapter 10 that you downloaded, the last one that's made
it to the Proofing folder after review.

Note to other team members -- Hazel will soon be caught up with
editing what I've done on the v3.4 updates, so it's past time for
other people to do some reviewing of chapters still in the Drafts
folder of Getthing Started. I'm not aware of anyone working on other
chapters except Jay (Base chapter), though I do know that several
people (Martin, Richard, David, others?) are working on other books or
other projects.

We've had several new volunteers join us recently. I'm hoping to see
some of you pick a chapter and get started updating it. Reminder: some
instructions are here:
Yes, I know it takes awhile to get oriented, but nothing helps like
trying to do some real work. :wink: