Getting Started 6.4 full book ready for checking

I have uploaded to the Published folder of Getting Started 6.4 the PDF
and ODT of the full book, ready for checking.


Hi Jean,
I have gone through the document. I think its OK.
However, I can't see your name and that of Claire Wood, in the contribution
She did the second review of the chapters on Impress and draw (see guide
status file)

*GAMO NANA Servais Randolph*,
"Au service du pauvre et du malheureux"
TEL: +237 697518768

Thank you!
I laughed about forgetting to add my own name.
Claire did not add her name in the files themselves, so I missed her.
I'll add her to those files if she's missing.

Claire's name was on the Draw chapter, so that was definitely my
oversight in not including her. Sorry, Claire. Now fixed.

A corrected version of the full book PDF and ODT have been uploaded to
the Published folder of Getting Started 6.4, replacing yesterday's
copies. I found and fixed some other minor errors as well as those
mentioned by others.

Unless someone else finds more errors, I think it's ready for release.


Ouch... I am in the middle of the wiki page edition and blog post on the
subject. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jean for the update.

The blog post:

The wiki page now has the 6.4 links:

The documentation website:

Thanks to all the team for the great work!


Hello, wrong download links in the blogpost. Please repair it.