General release organization meeting

Hi all,

In order to try to have the best organization for the release of 4.2.0
that will happen in February, I would like to organize a meeting between
all the projects concerned to make sure we don't forget anything or miss
some deadlines and coordinate well together.
It would be good to have this meeting during RC1 period (16 to 22 of
December) so we have still some time left before the final release. I've
set a Doodle here :

We will use the marketing channel on IRC and it would be really great if
we could have people representative from :
- design team
- marketing team
- QA team
- localization team
- native language team and members who administrate website in their
- developer team
- documentation team, I'm not sure this team is really concerned but
feel free to join :slight_smile:

If I miss somebody don't hesitate to tell me :slight_smile: And please follow up the
discussion on the *marketing list*.

I will provide an agenda of the meeting on the wiki next week, where
you'll be able to add the points you want us to discuss. I would like to
keep it short for all teams and we will do another meeting if one team
feels it's necessary.

Thanks all in advance for your participation!
Kind regards