FreedomSponsors, LibreOffice and Bugzilla

Hi all,

My name is Tony, I'm the founder of - a crowdfunding
website for Free/Open Source Software projects.

During the past months I've watched LibreOffice get more and more popular
on FreedomSponsors.
LibreOffice now has a decent number of sponsored issues, which is very cool

Recently we made available a new plugin for Bugzilla (, that
when installed, will add a nice, discrete "Sponsor this" link on Bugzilla's
bug pages, just below the "Importance" bit.

I believe it would be a good thing if this plugin were to be installed on
It would probably bring even more sponsors, and attract new developers to
work on bounties.

Just as a benchmark, there's another project - Jenkins - that is using a
similar plugin on their JIRA, with good results:
* This is the plugin in action:
* And theses are all Jenkins sponsored issues on FS:

If you need anything from FreedomSponsors, just let me know. :slight_smile:

Tony Lâmpada