Deadline for submitting talks for the LibreOffice DevRoom is December 26, and is approaching fast. At the moment, there are only three talks submitted, which are definitely not enough for a decent devroom (we are at AOO level... and this is unpleasant). Everyone is invited to submit a talk, preferably with a technical angle, related to advocacy of ODF or LibreOffice Technology.

I will try to be a good example by submitting three talks for the LibreOffice Technology DevRoom ("Advantages of LibreOffice Technology", "Why ODF is a better standard than OOXML", and "LibreOffice 7.3 New Features"), one talk for the Legal DevRoom ("Why the pandemic could help FOSS, but was a win for proprietary software"), and one talk for FOSDEM Main Track ("Strategies and tactics to make a community managed FOSS project sustainable in the medium to long term").

Promoting ODF and LibreOffice Technology is one of my tasks, but I can't be alone in doing so. Looking forward to your contributions.

Best, Italo