Forums Proposal

There is a forums proposal on the discuss list[1] and on it we have proposed a forum category for this list[2]. There are 2 major sections to the LibreOffice Forums, there is a "User forums section" and a "Contributor forums section". The "contributor" section of the website is where serious contributor work gets done for the project -- a clear distinction from the "user" section which is there to help users in need. The contributor forums mirror those of the mailing lists and these are to give the option to those mailing lists who would prefer to use the forums instead of mailing lists or would like to test the members' response to a possible move to the forums. * Note that both sections will be open to public; we are hoping that this will help promote the contributor side of LibreOffice and to encourage those who are interested to move to contributor teams.

We are hoping to hear from a lead in this list (after discussion with your members) as to whether you would like to:

* move the list to a forum (there would be a short transitional period where the mailing list/forums would exist together and then the mailing list would be closed. OR

* not use the forums at all (at which point the forum would be deleted from the forums site). OR

* test-try using both the forum and this mailing list for a period of time after which you would decide on which one to keep. A test-period of perhaps 6-9 months may be enough to accomplish this.

Feel free to respond on this thread or to any of the co-coordinators should you have any questions.

The LibreOffice Forums co-coordinators: Jonathan Aquilina, Lucian Oprea, Joel Madero, Marc Paré, Jean Spiteri