Export to PDF

Since last I made a rtf or odt document to pdf,
something has happened, that I'd prefer not to do, because it's making
failure as default action instead of a seldom occurrence. Because:

The document looks identical to a HTML document, & is opened in Chrome,
not in LibreOffice, which I will prefer in all or most cases. Also more
simple to find the document if it is a LibreOffice, not Google Chrome PDF

*Probably it's best to clarify/explain & expand the options inside
LibreOffice Writer, & to give the Chrome PDF format as a chosen offer,* in
order to stop Google from using Google Client account & My Drive to "steal"
the process (of converting ODT or RTF to PDF) from LibreOffice.
Which may have happened in my 32bit Lenovo Windows 10 laptop (which really
is a netpad looking like a laptop).Thus tiny storage, the argument for
using My Drive,
Gunnar Gervin.

Hi Erik,

You can submit enhancement requests on the bug tracker -- in that way,
developers are more likely to see them: