ESC meeting minutes: 2022-01-27 (Documentation part)

Relevant Documentation part of the ESC meeting

-------- Mensagem encaminhada --------

Greetings Olivier - I thought of segmenting these topics for discussion
and to arrive at an action plan.

+ Base Help pages
          + many outdated pages, re: connectors
This seems to be a mammoth exercise.
[Question:] Programmatically, is there any possibility of marking the
pages (DTD) as deprecated or include LO compatibility version?
The next exercise will be to create relevant pages.
This is open for discussion.

          + What is the status of Firebird?
[My tuppenny:] The QA or the release team can advocate us on the status
along with the accepted FB version. Otherwise, we can keep experimenting
the features but we might not know the roadmap.
This is open for discussion.

             + What can be documented for FB?
[My tuppenny:] Once we baseline the FB version - i suppose it will be
v3.0-, we can decide if we want to migrate existing sample databases or
create new sample cases.
This is open for discussion.

+ Bugzilla Documentation statistics
        238(238) bugs open
[Question:] I am attaching the BZ CSV export. What will be the plan of
action to take it to closure?
This is open for discussion.

Thank you