Draw Guide 7.2 published

The Draw Guide 7.2 and the separate chapter files have been published and PDF Files created.

The files are available on the Published and PDF folders on NextCloud.

Now for the Impress Guide 7.3.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Thanks Peter for the achievement!

Congratulations to the Draw Guide team.

Setting downloads links in websites and drafting blog post.

Kind regards

Thank you, Peter, for completing the set of v7.2 user guides.

I will add the book & chapters to the wiki page and produce the printed
version. I need to do that for the Writer Guide macOS edition too.


While preparing the print version of the book, I noticed a problem with a
page footer in the contents pages; the Front Matter page style was
incorrectly defined. I fixed the problem, regenerated the PDF, and replaced
the ODT and PDF in NextCloud. Olivier, you may wish to replace the PDF on
the website.

Once again, I encourage everyone to have me check compiled books for
formatting errors.

I am continuing to work on the print edition.