Drafting "Tender to implement automated ODF filter regression testing"


one of the approved [1] tenders is the

                 Tender to implement automated ODF filter regression testing

The board would like to work together in public with all of you on this tender before it gets officially published. The current draft is therefore shared at


The board is happy to get your feedback and proposals. We'd like to discuss this ideally in the board call after the next, i.e. on Friday, May 21, at 1300 Berlin time. Please send your feedback to the public board-discuss@documentfoundation.org mailing list.

Those with a conflict of interest (i.e. potential bidders) will be excluded from the point on the tender is published and evaluated.

Looking forward to your feedback, and thanks a lot!

[1] https://listarchives.documentfoundation.org/www/board-discuss/2021/msg00091.html