Draft GS 6.0 Chapter 1 Uploaded

I have uploaded the initial draft
GS6001-Introducing_LibreOffice_DCB_20170803.odt to ODF
and updated the User Guide Tasks:

I undertook to draft changes to 3 areas of this chapter:
  1. Navigator Improvements - Added 1 line regarding moving, promoting
     and demoting items. More detailed explanation about this aspect is
     beyond the scope of the GS Guide.
  2. Windows Installer - Not changed. The technical background to this
     is way beyond the scope of the GS Guide and would be of little
     interest to the normal user.
  3. Linux Quickstarter - Removed all references and added (Windows
     Only) to the heading.
In addition I have:
  * Removed Windows XP from the minimum requirements. Attempted several
    LO 6.0 Dev Build installs on Win XP and they all refused to install.
  * Added 2 sentences to the minimum requirements section, regarding
    Java. Sadly, there is no worthwhile information on user information
    about obtaining the appropriate version of Java on our website,
    wiki, or in our documentation.
  * Moved the names of the contributors to the 5.2 GS guide to the
    Acknowledgements table.

Just as reminder to any new members of the Documentation team, if you
draft or review a chapter of any guide don't forget to add your name to
the Contributors table.