Does wiki want to come out and play?


I spent the last week with setting up our new wiki. I've copied all articles, users and most configuration settings, and enhanced them, based on the recent MediaWiki version.

What is currently missing:

  - multiple languages
  - caching (thus it might be slow)
  - autopromoting/autoconfirming (spam protection)
  - WYSIWYG editor (there exists none)

I've also enhanced spam protection, but that might trigger false alerts. So, what I'd like as feedback from you now is:

  - bugs and problems
  - feature and extension requirements
  - proposals on what to change

Please check your favorite page if it renders allright, please check if all the functions work, and if any of the newly-introduced limitations for spam protection interrupt with your productive work and of course, let me know, what functionality you are missing, since now is the best time to include it.

One word of warning, I can't emphasize that enough:

This wiki is for TESTING PURPOSES only.
Users, articles and settings - in other words: ANYTHING -
created here WILL be deleted when the testing is over.
There are NO backups. Content WILL break.
Do NOT use this wiki for anything productive.

So, after you've read all those warnings :slight_smile: here you get the URL for testing:

Please direct feedback to

Thanks a lot for your support, and looking forward to migrationg to the new wiki soon,