Documentation Team Meeting Minutes September 2nd 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Documentation Team Meeting Minutes September 2nd 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Presents: Laura V., Steve F., Dave B., Olivier


TDF Jitsi

Completed items:

  * Update calc guide formatting for 7.2 (SF)
  * Help pages on new 7.2 features
     - Open Help bugs on many new features(OH)
     - Some of the 7.2 improvements already registered and addressed

Pending items:
AI: Join_The_Doc_Team.odp
     + Will review and enhance it (Dave)
AI: Consider a video (3 min) introducing doc team and doc tasks (OH)

[VN - Vasudev Narayanan] pending discussion

1. Possibility of receiving a build (prior release) for documentation testing? This will help immensely to document the instructions, and usability. What do you think?

2. A monthly plan of activities or tasks that need to be addressed from the documentation team. Maybe a kanban board to enlist important items to complete? Volunteers can pitch in to take the task.

     Please register for LibreOffice Conference 2021


Topics and Discussion:
* Some issues in updating Guides
   + Image anchoring

   + Import images, either
       + Delete old image beforehand and the paste the new image
       + delete the old image and import new image from a file
       + either case, delete old image.
           + When pasting new image over old one produces distortion
           + new image inherit dimensions of old one.

   + Image references:
      + Prefer references as "Category and number"
         + Was only "number" by demand from translators
         + Now machine translation can handle categories
         + I have a script that make the changes in 1 sec (Olivier)
            + can run script upstream (Olivier)

      + Can we avoid "Figure NN on page YY" ?
         + "on page YY" is meaningless in online docs
         + Most reference are hot hyperlinks so click to get to
            the image
         + Eventually use "above/below"
         + I prefer to keep as is (Steve)
             + has meaning for paper book readers
             + I can manage downstream in online publication (Olivier)
==> Keep as is

      + same for "Title XYZ on page YY"
         + title references are hot hiperlinks
         + use "above/below" is necessary
           + check excessive repetition of above and below in paragraph
         + same reasons as above (SF)
==> Keep as is

      + List cleanup
         + Style "List 1" visually identical as "Text Body" with bullet
           + hard to spot
           + often breaks when applies style change
           + I have a script to clean this (Olivier)
              + Please apply on new revised CG72 chapters
      + Review of Numbered lists
           + open, I have no scripts (Olivier)
           + numbered list are restarted too often

   + Updates of the Calc Guide 7.2
       + Shall we jump to 7.3?
       + No... 7.2 quite ready to publish (Steve)
==> Upload for 1rev of Calc Guide 7.2 soon (Steve)
       + Notebook bar for Calc
          + Write Guide has described in chap 21 (Olivier)

* Updates on the wiki
      + How to make changes in wiki, can I do it directly? (Laura)
         + we have a discussion tab on each wiki page, use it (Steve)
         + All changes can be reverted by sysadmin (Olivier)

      + Newcommers, please go thru Style Guide for good English tech writing:

Meeting ajourned

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* September 16th 2021 at 18:00 UTC.