Documentation Team Meeting Minutes October 8th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.

Documentation Team Meeting Minutes October 8th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.

Presents: Travis Stewart, Dave Barton, Rafael Lima, Olivier, Soren
Jonsson, Emiliano Vavassori

Telegram Channel

Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:
    + Front and back covers for 7.0 release (OH)

Pending items:
    + Change in workflow

    PLease come to LibreOffice Conference 2020 next week !

Topics and Discussion:
+ Suggestions for Database Functions (S Fanning)
    + Answered in the same document, need finishing touch (OH)
    + Objective: rewrite/improve Calc Database functions Help

+ Seasons of Doc update (OH)
     + Wiki on Calc Functions
     + E-learning (hosted by LibreItalia)

+ Covers for Guides
     + Overall result appreciated (all)
     + Nextcloud Folder in duplicate (Dave)
        + Archive folder /Cover7/
        + Keep folder /cover7.0/
     + Credits to Rizal Mutaqin and Drew Jensen in chapters
     + Covers are memory intense, slow to handle/render (RL)
         + hi-res using SVG (OH)
         + Can we use PNG? (RL)
           + up to Guide team discretion (OH)
           + please use a copy of source to play with (OH)

+ Math Guide (Rafael Lima)
     + Like the book, very complete
     + I write Academic tech papers with math equations,
        + Math is important
     + Adding new contents and examples for 7.0

+ Other topics
     + NC performance ?
         + Sometimes slow, but not so often (DB)
         + Editing with LOOL is very slow (DB)
         + Issue with copy/move several files at once with web UI
             + learned to do it one by one.
         + No issue in download (RL)
            + LOOL is slow in FFox but better in Chrome (RL)
     + New Workflow
         + Not changed directory structure yet (DB)
         + About to finish Chap 3 of Contrib Guide
         + Later I'll mirror in wiki (DB)
     + Writing Style for help (Travis)
         + Are there recommendations for writing? (Travis)
         + Contributor Guide, Chap 4
     + LibreLogo (Travis)
         + interested in the language (Travis)
         + Should we write a tutorial on LibreLogo (?)
           + Write a wiki page on Logo, link from Help pages for further
         + Too much contents in Help will oveload translators(OH)
             + stick to the essential in Help, extend in Wiki
     + Help pages from search engines (RL)
         + search for LibreOffice leads to old wiki help (RL)
         + Wiki Help was released in 2010, (OH)
         + Until LO 6.1, when Help changed technology/URLs
         + 8 years of organic indexing won't vanish quickly (OH)
         + SEO is an avenue for permanent routine work/improvement (OH)
             + can speed up indexing but requires energy(OH)
     + API documentation (Soren Jonsson)
        + sent mail to doc list, no answer, will resend
        + API doc is hard for end-users, occasional macro programmer (OH)
        + Was writen for developers, familiar to object-oriented
languages (RL)
        + Tried to code calc cell border in python, took time (RL)
        + Many Help pages on python by LibreOfficiant, please check (OH)
        + Interested in topic too (Travis)
           + there is a working group on scripting devel and doc (OH)

Meeting ajourned

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* October 22th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.