Documentation Team Meeting Minutes, May 7th, 2020

Thursday May 7th 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Leo Moons, Dan Lewis, Steve Fanning, Professor Carlisle,
Marcia Wilbur, Olivier Hallot

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

TDF Jitsi Room

Topics and Discussion:

* The road ahead: Guides Version 7. (Olivier)
   + shall we design/update the set of chapter styles?
          + warning, tips and notes (Leo)
          + Colors for Headings? (olivier)
   + Branding for 7.0

AI: Submit proposal (olivier)

* Can images have a frame around (Marcia)
   + A (border-less) frame is added automatically when a image get a
caption (Olivier)
   + image and caption are wrapped in this frame.
   + We can add a border to the frame, need consensus.

* Space between the caption and the image (Marcia)
     + Caption should be concise to avoid breaking the line, left aligned
     + Gap between image and caption should increase (Marcia)
         + This can be adjusted in caption paragraph style -'space
above' (Olivier, Dan)

* Screenshots rules for Guides
     + Keep the screen size, no enlarging.(Leo)
        + Use a good screen resolution to take a readable screenshot.
        + PDF has its own way to resize the image to 300dpi for printing
     + To take screenshots directly in LibreOffice:
        + Screenshots carry OS "look and feel" but not the dialog window.

* Screenshots of I/O dialogs
     + I/O dialogs may vary depending on OS and printer manufacturer
     + Use Windows for I/O screenshots: Print, Save, Open files.

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* May 21st 2020 at 18:00 UTC.