Documentation Team Meeting Minutes March 18th 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Documentation Team Meeting Minutes March 18th 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Presents: Dave Barton, Rafael Lima, Olivier Hallot

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Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:

Pending items:


Topics and Discussion:
* Google Seasons of Doc
   + we need ideas, please give your ideas !!!!
   + It is important that we also deal with development doc (Rafael)
     + From proper experience, starting dev't is tough (Rafael)
     + Need doc on how to start
     + AOO has a dev guide (outdated) (Olivier)
     + Plan to migrate to LO and to update to 2021 times (Olivier)
AI: + Can be offered to TW, will see with Ilmari (Olivier)
     + Development doc requires tech skills
       + API doc?
       + more?
   + User doc is already well covered (Books, wiki, FAq...)
     + but not a closed topic
     + GSOD Tech Writer should not kill the fun of the community (Olivier)
     + Community like to work on Guides (All)
     + Base guide? (Rafael)
         + We have a Base Guide 6.4 (Olivier)
     + More E-Learning? ( what?) (OH)
     + Guides -> textbook + exercises? (OH)

+ Publication of Guides in HTML format
    + I'm fine with PDF online (Dave)
    + Idea to add more entry pts in LO documentation (Olivier)
    + Get better Search Engine results ? (Olivier)
    + Some experiences in place, but work in progress:
        + more to come, stay tuned.
        + Requires review of Chapter files formatting (Olivier)
           + took me 40 min per chapter to fit for HTML export (Olivier)

+ Shortening the revision cycle for small updates
     + 2-round revision takes too much time
        + very little update in many Guides
        + But Writer guide has important changes (Dave)
     + Trust expert reviser/updater? (Olivier)
        + We should trust skilled authors. (All)
        + They likely not doing dumb things (Dave)

+ Proposal of Template for 7.1
AI: + Submit a new proposal for 7.1 template, discuss in ML.
     + Address issues found in current template
     + Address requirements for other export formats
        + work in 2 spaces (OH)
        + 1) Aesthetics (
        + 2) Internal changes invisible to curret ODF&PDF outputs
            + will help exporting to other formats (EPub, HTML5)
        + 3) Sanity check script to
            + Check acessibility requirements
            + Check unofficial (spurious, legacy) styles
            + Check compliance with template directives.
            + Clean direct formatting (e.g

Meeting ajourned

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* April 1st 2021 at 18:00 UTC.