Documentation team meeting minutes June 18th 2020

Thursday June 18th 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Emiliano Vavassori, Dan Lewis, Drew Jensen, Collen Hayes,
Annie Nguyen, Olivier Hallot

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:

Pending items:
* Update Contributor Guide for e-PUB - Tabs issue (olivier)

Topics and Discussion:
* The road for 7.0
    + Cover
        + Proposals in the cloud at folder
             (...)/Contributor resources/Cover7
        + Suggested changes (to be evaluated next meeting):
           + light grey background to app light color (EV) x keep Light
     Grey (Colleen)
           + Wavy footer to have app color background, adjust "7.0" font
color accordingly
               + white background is OK too (Dan)
           + Set header background with same as footer color, adjust
logo color accordingly
           + *please work on a copy of the source file*

* The Extension & Documentation website
    + Extension site framework is good for quick PDF/epub download (olivier)
        + work in progress, several enhancements in the queue
        + easy of book upload management
        + has version control, allow revisions/erratas (as "upgrades")
    + Can anybody upload files? (Drew)
        + yes, but there is moderation though (olivier).

+ Questions and Answers
   + Chapter 7.0 template
      + The bullet/number list style must be adjusted before the b/n
paragraph style(Dan)
   + export to EPUB
       + LibreOffice Epub Export generates hundred of character styles
       + can clean up 100's of them

     + Question: Has anyone proposed a documentation presentation/other?
session for the LO/OpenSuse conference? (drew)
        + Call for paper open until July 21st
     + Linux South East virtual was awsome (Drew)
     + Used zoom + Jisti, 100's attendants
     + session has virtual moderators, for questions funneling
     + questions sent by Telegram + IRC
     + better than expected, good interaction (Drew)

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* July 2nd 2020 at 18:00 UTC.


per the conversation about the 7.0 covers - took a quick run at what I
thought I heard about colors.
NOTE I DID THE COLORS BY EYE - not the actual branding color rgb value
- easily updated - good enough for a quick gander though, me thinks.

So for a look at big color change have uploaded a pdf file with sample
covers for writer, calc, impress, draw, base. Find it in the
Documentation Team/English/Contributor Resources/Cover7 folder on the
NC server as LOGuides7_colors_draft1.pdf

The five svg files are also in that folder as


Hi Drew
Good start
Branding color are defined in this page

Note that for Draw, the white over yellow should be "dark" over yellow

Also I see a blurr around the guide name and the guide title font is too
thin for my personal taste.

Thanks for the nice work.

PS. We also need to design the back cover :slight_smile:


I suppose it isn't right without the true colors.

The pdf is updated with the branding color values for each page.
The blurr you mention behind the title is in the base source file, as
a feature - when I updated the example covers I removed it from the
Draw Guide cover. Did not change the font.

Anyway - the source files are updated in the zip file also; otherwise
I grabbed Chapter 7 from the Base guide and I'll not crack those
graphic files till I've been into the review of that chapter.