Documentation team meeting minutes June 18th 2020

Thursday June 18th 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Emiliano Vavassori, Dan Lewis, Drew Jensen, Collen Hayes,
Annie Nguyen, Olivier Hallot

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:

Pending items:
* Update Contributor Guide for e-PUB - Tabs issue (olivier)

Topics and Discussion:
* The road for 7.0
    + Cover
        + Proposals in the cloud at folder
             (...)/Contributor resources/Cover7
        + Suggested changes (to be evaluated next meeting):
           + light grey background to app light color (EV) x keep Light
     Grey (Colleen)
           + Wavy footer to have app color background, adjust "7.0" font
color accordingly
               + white background is OK too (Dan)
           + Set header background with same as footer color, adjust
logo color accordingly
           + *please work on a copy of the source file*

* The Extension & Documentation website
    + Extension site framework is good for quick PDF/epub download (olivier)
        + work in progress, several enhancements in the queue
        + easy of book upload management
        + has version control, allow revisions/erratas (as "upgrades")
    + Can anybody upload files? (Drew)
        + yes, but there is moderation though (olivier).

+ Questions and Answers
   + Chapter 7.0 template
      + The bullet/number list style must be adjusted before the b/n
paragraph style(Dan)
   + export to EPUB
       + LibreOffice Epub Export generates hundred of character styles
       + can clean up 100's of them

     + Question: Has anyone proposed a documentation presentation/other?
session for the LO/OpenSuse conference? (drew)
        + Call for paper open until July 21st
     + Linux South East virtual was awsome (Drew)
     + Used zoom + Jisti, 100's attendants
     + session has virtual moderators, for questions funneling
     + questions sent by Telegram + IRC
     + better than expected, good interaction (Drew)

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* July 2nd 2020 at 18:00 UTC.