Documentation Team Meeting Minutes January 6th 2022 at 18:00 UTC.

Documentation Team Meeting Minutes January 6th 2022 at 18:00 UTC.

Presents: Steve Fanning, Olivier


TDF Jitsi

Completed items:

Pending items:
AI: Join_The_Doc_Team.odp
     + Will review and enhance it (Dave)
AI: Consider a video (3 min) introducing doc team and doc tasks (OH)

AI: + create an extension with macros for
          - clean direct formatting
          - clean bulleted and number list
          - sanity check of styles: detect non-official styles
              + add comment where it exist, prompt user...
          - extension can add a toolbar or submenu for ease of use
              + can also be part of chapter template
* Calc Functions Wiki
      + Call communities to work on translations
      + good starting point for community members on translation

Activities (recap)
     Ongoing work
     Review draft Calc Guide chapters
     Review Base guide
     Review draft Draw / Impress chapters
     Review Calc function wiki pages
     Address problems with Help (Olivier)

     + Published Draw Guide 7.2
     + Published Writer Guide 7.2 macOS edition
       + blog post

Topics and Discussion:
   Base Guide
   + Avoid to rewrite contents for no added value.
     + waste precious time of revisors.

   + Intermediate publication of the Base guide (Steve)
       + continuous updates of Base guide
       + borrow time-release idea from software developement
       + publish as available, correction in next publication
       + rev1, rev2, rev N
       + reset revisions at major release

   + Developers support for Base Guides
    + Lionel Elie Mamane is one of Base experts (
    + Robert Großkopf <>
    + more

Meeting ajourned
Next meeting : *THURSDAY* January 20th 2022 at 18:00 UTC.