Documentation Team Meeting Minutes February 3rd 2022 at 18:00 UTC.

Documentation Team Meeting Minutes February 3rd 2022 at 18:00 UTC.

Presents: Olivier


TDF Jitsi

Completed items:

Pending items:
AI: Join_The_Doc_Team.odp
     + Will review and enhance it (Dave)
AI: Consider a video (3 min) introducing doc team and doc tasks (OH)

AI: + create an extension with macros for
          - clean direct formatting
          - clean bulleted and number list
          - sanity check of styles: detect non-official styles
              + add comment where it exist, prompt user...
          - extension can add a toolbar or submenu for ease of use
              + can also be part of chapter template
* Calc Functions Wiki
      + Call communities to work on translations
      + good starting point for community members on translation
AI: + Check with Ilmari is everything is OK to announce.

Activities (recap)
     Ongoing work
     Review draft Calc Guide chapters
     Review Base guide
     Review draft Draw / Impress chapters
     Review Calc function wiki pages
     Address problems with Help (Olivier)

     + LibreOffice 7.3 released yesterday (2/2/2022)

Topics and Discussion:

* [Vasudev Narayanan (22-Jan-22)]:
     Is there any possibility to collect our volunteers' birth month or their anniversary month? Fortnightly or monthly, we could email a collective greeting card within the group. What do you think?
   + A friendly idea but also delicate issue, can be personal and cultural.(Olivier)
   + Birthday info is a personal matter, some people uncomfortable to have it public
   + TDF also cares on privacy for legal reasons
   + TDF membership does not ask for b'day info, neither nationality, and other info
   + Matter should be brought to membership committee and Board of Directors for eval.

* [Rob Westein 3-feb-2022]:
     3 members of the Dutch community are working on the translation of the Base Guide. I've made some tests using MateCAT to help us translating...that will save us a lot of time. But I noticed that MateCAT asks private info like your contacts when register to work with MateCAT. Some users do not want to register when this kind of info is asked.
     Is it possible to have our own installation of MateCAT hosted on TDF servers?. Hope that the registration will be easier for the users and respect their privacy.
     I'm sure that more translators would like to use this fantastic Open Source tool.

     Best Regards
     Rob Westein

+Experience on Matecat from Brazilians (Olivier)
   + Brazilians are using Matecat since early 2020 for Guides
     + Excellent response and high quality,~Google, Bing equ services
     + Used for 1st translation round
       + Upload chapter, run auto-translation, d/l translated
       + handles ODF, no format glitch.
       + no need for login
       + no desire to keep a pt-BR translation memory (TM)
          + sure it improves translation if TM exist but...
       + Guide updates carried directly from en-US guide changelog + Release notes
       + Community fun is to review machine translation and fix contents mistakes
          + no more language issues-> brought crowd to the doc team.
     + Matecat is open source
       + github
       + can be offered as external service or installed on premises
          + ask infra and/or set budget for
          + start with redmine ticket.
     + personal note (Olivier)
        + machine translation superseed TM in speed and effort, modulo review.
        + enormous savings on typing
        + excellent for pt-BR, 99% understandable (guess)
        + Matecat could deliver suggestion alongside weblate TM.

Meeting ajourned
Next meeting : *THURSDAY* February 17th 2022 at 18:00 UTC.