Documentation team meeting minutes (Dec 19, 2019)

Wednesday December 19th 2019, at 18:00 UTC

Presents: Dave BArton, Steve Fanning, Dan Lewis, Olivier

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

TDF Jitsi Room

Completed Items
Revise Math Book (DaveB)
   + Finished
   + Updating tomorrow

Steve to add indexing on his chapters
    + 2 chapters

Steve to open initial pages.
   + Template for functions is approved

Pending items
Wiki on Calc Functions:
AI: Navigation to the top of page (Steve)

Agenda + Discussion

* Calc keyboard shortcuts. (Steve Fanning)
    + No need to mention OpenOffice shortcuts
AI: Steve to review chapter 17, vs Tools -> Customize and the Help pages.
    + The current list of Chap 17 shortcut is task-oriented and should
be kept as is.

* LOOL Guide (Olivier)
    + Working on Revision 1

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* Jan 9th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.