Documentation Team Meeting Minutes April 29th 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Documentation Team Meeting Minutes April 29th 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Presents: Dave Barton, Olivier, Felipe Viggiano

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Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:
Development of LibreOffice Tutorials 6.4 stalled for over a year.
AI: + Submit a new proposal for 7.1 template, discuss in ML.
    + No needed anymore (see below)

Pending items:
AI: + Archive partial documentation and close on NextCloud. (Dave)
     + Old files can confuse newcomers
     + Zip files to cleanup folders

Topics and Discussion:

+ Template 7.1
    + My interest is to have it explained in the wiki (DB)
       + For the new authors
    + For new Authors, presentation on how to start (OH)
        + LibreOffice Documentation/English/Contributor Resources/
        + Will review and enhance it (Dave)
        + Consider a video (3 min) introducing doc team and doc tasks (OH)
            + See with TDF resources

+ Copyright, acknowledgements:
     + One copyright for all chapters (OH)
        + include all current and past contributors
        + Have a external copyright file and link into the Chapter and full book
        + example (copyright taken from full book)
          LibreOffice Documentation/Brazilian Portuguese/Guia de Introdução/7.0/Publicado/copyright.odt

+ New user interface
     + JW is writing on the new user interfaces (OH)

+ Have a certificate for participation (Felipe)
     + Some volunteers need for Resumé entries (Felipe)
     + Open badges? (OH)
     + Certificate? (Felipe)
     + Names already in the Copyright, but need more (OH)

+ Bookshelf project (Proof of concept in progress) (OH)
     + Publish Guides as static HTML files
     + Aimed to be read in browser or tablets directly
     + Full guides with same formatting as book
        + except for page display
        + not a single word changed from published guide
     + Can also be installed in schools, colleges, libraries
         + organizations of any size,
         + Support for migration and deployment of LibreOffice
         + No server scripts, pure static files
     + take advantage of web technology: CSS, Javascript, HTML5
         + Open for dynamic reading
         + Voice reading
         + Local contents search
     + Skills needed
         + web page design
         + css, js, html
     + Some demands related to exporting Guides to HTML (olivier)
        + These request have no visual impact on PDF/ODT
        + On each chapter
   1) Set name the top image of chapter as "LibreOfficeLogo"
   2) set paragraph style of logo as "New Chapter"
   3) wrap logo paragraph in a section named "SEC_LOGO"
   4) wrap Guide name below logo in section of name "SEC_GUIDE"
   5) Wrap Title and Subtitle in a section named "SEC_TITLE"
   6) wrap from first Heading1 to end of documment in a section named "SEC_DISPLAYAREA"
       + do not include copyright matter
       + do not include Table of Contents
     Sample file:
     LibreOffice Documentation/Brazilian Portuguese/Guia de Introdução/7.0/Publicado/

So far, read online some guides at

Project team members wanted !

Meeting ajourned

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* May 13th 2021 at 18:00 UTC.