Doc Team Meeting Minutes of March 26th 2020

Thursday March 26th 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Toni Blackwelder, Dave Barton, Steve Fanning, Alain Romedenne,
Dan Lewis, Olivier

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

TDF Jitsi Room

Topics and Discussion:

    Where are the images stored?
       + Images (PNG,JPG) are stored inside the chapter
          + Quality is preserved
       + Better not use OLE obejcts (e.g. Drawings)
          + Convert to image
          + Prevent exporting to alien formats, e.g. ePub
          + Keep source drawings in a folder or file

Dave: Advise newcomers on writing techniques
      + no empty paragraph
      + use styles intensely
      + No direct formatting
      + will update Contributor Guide w/ Jean Weber (Dave)
      + I can help to synch with wiki (olivier)

Steve Fanning: The review process
      + Reviewer need to go thru all examples listed in the chapters
(Dave, Steve)
      + Issue with buggy sofwtare, the Base case (Steve)
          + We don't write about bugs, software is supposed to work
          + Suggestion: Check with a release that works, it will be
fixed some day
      + ToniB: Note somewhere what is the version of the software the
author and reviewer is using.
          + Dave: Put in the control spreadsheet
AI: Message to list with advises

Pulkit:"LibreOffice Tutorials"
-Should I rewrite tutorials written by Bernard Poole in LibreOffice
Documentation format?
+ Answered earlier in IRC:
      + No objections to add more documentation (Olivier)

Dave: Place Bruce Byfield book as reference

Alain: Provide LibO Basic syntax diagrams for local/online help

    + Mockup diagrams available in

    + WiP content in

    + .svg diagrams are favoured, but I have no .svg edition skills,
however I can provide .png templates/models if need be

    + A syntax only Basic booklet could be produced, aside of a missing
Basic guide

    Q: Licensing of current tool not checked yet!

    Q: How about integrating .png inside local/online help for the time

       + No problem if PNG.

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* April 9th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.