Doc team Meeting Minutes Oct 17, 2018

Wednesday October 17th 2018, at 19:00 Berlin Time

Presents: Olivier, Drew Jensen, Dave Barton, Cathy Crumbley

Fall back chat:

TDF Jitsi room


    + Templates for next books
AI: Update template for Calc Guide (Drew)


  + GS 6.0 Updates / erratas
       + Guide Coordinator: Dave Barton
       + Set december 1st for deadline on corrected version of GS 6.0
       + Add changes from M. Kara (Customize dialog)

  + Decision: Next team work, update Calc guide
     + Most demanded book
     + Guide coordinator: Drew Jensen
     + team: Drew, Dave, Cathy, Olivier, + volunteers
     + Use Nextcloud
        + Set to use NC with the community
        + document the new way to work
AI: Update wiki page on using NextCloud for authoring (olivier)

        + Advantage: Preserve current ODFAuthor workflow (Drew)
        + Main issue: How to prevent overwriting files in NC (Drew, Dave)
            + Communicate to the mailing list as before

  + Help contents
     + How do we contribute to Help Contents (Cathy)?
         + send corrections to olivier, he will make it happen.

     + Why Help does not use HTML (Dave)?
         + can use, but
            + there are some nice features in XHP
            + issue with translation workload
            + Any change has to be very smooth
            + Proposing some extensions to XHP (Help XML) to make it easier
            + there is a task to create a specific XHP editor for newcomers.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday October 24th 2018, at 19:00 Berlin Time