Doc Team Meeting Minutes (Dec 4th 2019)

Wednesday December 4th 2019, at 18:00 UTC

Presents: Steve Fanning, Dave Barton, Dan Lewis, Olivier

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TDF Jitsi Room

Agenda + Discussion

    * Google Seasons of Doc has ended
        + LO community has a new Book: LibreOffice Online 6.3
        + Aaron Peters is our champion.
        + download the book here
        + Book was built with Master Document
        + Revision 0

+ Call for revision
   * "Math Guide" updated by Roman Kunetzov (kompilainenn)

   AI: Revise Math Book (DaveB)

Steve Fanning would like to discuss two topics:
1. Indexing in the Calc Guide. I am concerned that for the
chapters that I have updated, I neglected indexing. What should I have
done, and can I still do it before we issue the latest draft!
   + Use concordance if necessary (Olivier)
   + Not a change in contents, please proceed

AI: Steve to add indexing.

2. Calc Functions. What does the team think is the best way
forward with regards to recording more detailed information about the
500+ Calc functions?

    A Functions Handbook? A wiki page? Any other suggestions?

    Having done a lot of work on Chapter 18 (Description of Functions),
I have some relevant information in my head about these functions and it
might be a good idea to capture this somewhere and soon.

+ 80 pages chapter
   + Covering the functions is better in a separate book (Dave)
   + Not eliminate chpt 18 (Steve)
       + wiki is good (Steve)
       + Wiki can get more contributors (Steve, after Regina H.)
       + Chpt 18 lnk to wiki pages (Dave)

Proposal Generate wiki pages for for Calc Function description and use
cases (aka: Handbook)
      + Approved by consensus.
      + Steve as 1st volunteer to open the pages.

AI: Steve to open initial pages.

3. When the book is finished? (Steve)
    + Chapt 15 - Calc online -> Drop
    + Chapt 16 - Calc threading -> Drop
    + Chapt 13 - Calc as database -> Zach.
    + Then the book is ready for assembling.

4. Base Handbook (Dan)

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* December 19th at 18:00 UTC.