Doc Team meeting Minutes April 9th, 2020

Thursday April 9th 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Toni Blackwelder, Steve Fanning, Alain Romedenne, Dan Lewis,
Olivier, Marcia Wilbur

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Telegram Group

TDF Jitsi Room

Topics and Discussion:

- Miscellaneous.

+ A. Romedenne: Any interest for a Basic syntax booklet?
    + 10 pages booklet on most important aspect of LO Basic syntax (Alain)
       + Diagrams the same as the (new) Help pages on Basic
    + Write into wiki pages and also in a small printable booklet
    + Is booklet addressing other variants of Basic (e.g. VBA)? (S. Fanning)
        + No. Restricted to LO Basic (AR).
    + Booklet is welcome, please proceed (All)

+ Marcia Wilbur:
    + Need guidance to contribute to Doc
    + Knows Office suites since StarOffice
    + Professional tech writer
AI: + Send welcome instructions to Marcia (olivier)

+ Dan Lewis: A bio page for doc team members
    + Wiki page (+ blog post)
    + Base Guide is going well

+ Steve Fanning
    + What is the priority for books?
        + None. We can't set deadlines for volunteers (olivier)
        + We let volunteer contribute on what they like most
        + Calc is the most downloaded book (olivier)
        + To improve coordination, name a coordinator per Guide (olivier)
            + e.g. Jean H. Weber is natural Writer Guide leader, Jean?
            + Others welcome to step in.
    + Glad to contribute to Doc team with no deadlines (SF)

+ Toni Blackwelder
    + What release to use for book writing?, expect 6.4.2...
        + Use any release except when to verify/review a new feature
        + Writer is very stable as word processor.(Olivier)
        + 6.4.2 is just fine.
    + You can use Portable Apps to install another release with no harm
to system (A. Romedenne)
        + Other solutions available too (S. Fanning)

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* April 23rd 2020 at 18:00 UTC.