Doc team meeting minutes 2018 -11-28

Wednesday November 28th2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time

Presents:Dave Barton, Drew Jensen, Olivier, Cathy Crumbley, Sophia
Schröder + unknown (connected to minutes only)

Fall back chat:

TDF Jitsi room

Completed Action Items:
    + Proposal for the future LibreOffice documentation development
workflow (Dave)
    Dave: My proposal for the workflow would be:
        - Run conversion script on the last edition of each chapter to
be worked on.
        - Apply the new template to the converted chapter.
        - Updated the chapter's technical content.
        - Final stage chapter cleanup & review.

  * Complete the old -> new styles conversion list for Drew's script (Dave)

  * Complete the 2nd. draft of the 6.x template (Dave)

  * The first item is somewhat interdependent on the second one, but
    both are reasonably close to completion

  * Create the conversion script (Drew)

+ Enter images in document (Cathy)
AI: Clarify the image anchoring (olivier)
     +File with comments on assembling a master document for Guides
     +Quote on images:
       "Bug images
with character anchors to display in 
       Master Document. As results, the frame with caption only displays
the caption with no image. Nevertheless the frame 
       keeps the size of the original image, even if invisible.
       To circumvent: For each image inside the chapter, anchor the
image to PARAGRAPH inside the frame.
       Select the image in the frame, click mouse button 2, select
Anchor, choose To Paragraph.
       An extra paragraph may (or not) pop at the top of the caption
inside the frame. Just delete it."

AI: Emails developers to get more clarifications (Drew)
     + Appendix on CPU issues for Calc (threading, OpenCL)

+ What happen with the wiki page "Other Resources"? See the discussion:

Agenda+ Discussion: 
    * Help pages
        + [I]: Added some extension to the XML to make Help edition
easier (olivier)

* Python Help pages
        + Added entry pages for Python scripts documentation (olivier)
        + Need skilled volunteers to fill contents

* Guides:
        + Create the conversion script (Drew)

  * AI: Update Contributors Guides with changes from Dave? (Drew)

  * Yes.

* Long editing session turns LO slow and unusable (Cathy)
         + Some crashes. 
         + Confirmed by 3rd party on the large amount of changes (blog
post - Cathy)
         + get feedback sooner to accept/reject changes, shrink the file
         + May use online version to get it faster/easier for review
(drew, olivier)

* Contents of the Guides (Cathy)
         + Shall we review the contents of each chapter
            + some contents too basic
         + Let's survey a broader audience on what must go to inside the
Guides (all)
            + Use TDF survey (olivier)
AI          + define the right set of questions for the contents (olivier)

Next meeting WednesdayDecember5th2018, at 19:30 Berlin Time