Date on Reviewed FIles

Do I append the date when I downloaded the file for review, or do I append
the return date into the filename?

Gordon Bates

Return date is our usual practice, please.

In my opinion it is the return date.
This is also the date you enter in the Guide status sheet.


Kevin Berry schreef op 28.05.2020 01:13:

Thank you Jean and Kees.

OOOooohh, okay:
"This is also the date you enter in the Guide status sheet."

That is an easy way to remember it!

Gordon Bates

Okay, another question- I dont meant o be irritating or anything, sorry :slight_smile:
Thanks for all of your replies.

I noticed the file guide names have dates like 27May2020, but then in the
spreadsheet, people are putting in dates like 27/05/20.

I looked at the Draw guide's status spreadsheet, and they have all of
theirs in numerical only format, like 27/05/20.

In the Calc status spreadsheet, do I spell out the month, or do I keep it
as only numerical?

Should the Calc status spreadsheet have 27May2020, or should it have

Gordon Bates

Both options would work, but for consistency maintain the numerical format.
ie 27/05/2020.

I don't think so. Numeric values could lead to confusion. In USA the normal
format for writing date is MM/DD/YYYY but in my country India and many
other countries, the normal format is DD/MM/YYYY. So it would lead to
confusion. So, I think it would be best to spell out the name of the
months. It would not hurt to do so and would avoid any confusions.

As someone who has produced documents for an international audience (including the USA), the number date format would be YYYY-MM-DD. For example today’s date would be written 2020-05-28.

I think that this is the format to use then there is no confusion with our “friends” across the pond. Yes I am having a friendly dig at the Cousins.

Peter Schofield

Hi Gordon,

Both methods have been used in the Calc tracking spreadsheet and both are fine; it's only for our benefit to keep a record of where we are up to.

Many thanks for completing the second review of Chapter 7. I will look through your comments and respond privately with matters arising. It may be worth holding off from reviewing another chapter until I can respond - hopefully it will be today (UK time) but I may be delayed until tomorrow.



I strongly recommend using this format: which is completely unambiguous and
clear: 27May2020.

Since the site is not only for English documentation teams, it hosts also
localization teams and they should probably use the same procedure for
localisation as is set for updating/reviewing original guides, I suggest to
use the universal date format 2020-05-28. This way dates in all status
sheets from all teams will be readable to all.

Lp, m.