Customize Dialog Discrepancy

I am Developing Open Office basic macros.   I  visited your web page
where developing new menus is discussed.   Here I discover an image for
the Customize dialog that is very different from the Customize dialog
that is produced on my system.   I have included a copy of my dialog
below.   As you can see it is different from the dialog on your web
page.   But I would like simply to have access to the New menu option
that is present in the Dialog in your web page.   Can you explain why it
is missing from my Customize dialog?

Images are removed from messages on this list, so we can’t see yours.
However, my guess is that you are using a different version of LibreOffice,
so the dialog layout is different.
The link you provided is for LO version 5.2. What version are you using?

If you look in the chapter from the v7.0 book, you should find the graphic
and description there agree with what you see in the program.
For future reference, please be sure you are using the documentation that
corresponds to the version you have.