Customising and printing in LibreOffice


I think there is a lack of information about printing and customising in LibreOffice. I have started updating Impress Chapter 11 Customising Impress and needed to check the Getting Started Guide to make sure my cross references are accurate. I found that information is probably missing in Chapter 10 and Chapter 14 of the Getting Started Guide. I did not find anything about general options or customising for printing that applies to all of LibreOffice.

I would appreciate a reply to make sure that I have not missed something.
Peter Schofield

Some info on this topic is in Chapter 2 of Getting Started.
Note that the Print dialog is very different on macOS.
I’ll write more later.

Hello Jean

I know the differences on screenshots with macOS and Windows/Linux. I have used Windows screenshots for printing.
My email was an immediate reaction to what I saw and trying to coordinate the Getting Started and Impress guides.
Will check GS Chapter 2 later today.

Peter Schofield