Cross reference: Discussion on consistent UI theme for screenshots on the design list

Hi all,

just to inform you:

due to a variety of recommendations for UI themes to be used for official screenshots I'd like to search for a consensus on *one* consistent UI theme for screenshots to be used on
- documentation (and it's localizations)
- website
- marketing material
- press kit
- DVD (LibOBox)

Because consistency is important for our Visual Identity and our perception in public, I sent a mail to the mailing list to collect ideas on three points:

1) how such a UI theme should look like
2) what other conditions should be met
3) which existing UI theme would serve best as standard for screenshots

If you are interested in this topic, please have a look at the thread in one of the following archives: or or

For a direct reply to the mail please ask the mail server to send you the mail with an empty mail to

I'll moderate your mail, if you aren't subscribed to the design list. But please be aware that you won't get the replies to the list too (so use the archives above).

Best regards