Cover for GS 6.0 - New proposal

Hi all,
after working with the old theme for our documentation covers I make another proposal. I "steal" Doğa Deniz's idea from a poster and make a new cover design for our Getting Started 6.x [1].
If you want the svg or see the comparison to the old ones see [2].

What do you think about it?


Hi Klaus-Jürgen,

What do you think about it?

Thanks for lending the idea :wink: and making the cover!

Looks really bold and different compared to the older ones.
For my personal preference, I would appreciate more brightness. But that
is just a personal thing, I think.
What is the drawing down left doing :slight_smile: ? I see it is from the splash
screen. As such, it looks a bit strange?
Maybe do the left side of the white area in the same angle as the black
one on top? And a tiny bit more white above/below the drawing, so make
it a little smaller?

Looking forward to the new guides!


Hi K-J and all:

It looks fine, ... but I think it's better if use more light the colors,

Regards and thank you for design,

Jorge Rodríguez


looks really professional, well done!

Maybe it's the November blues but I like the muted background and the dark,
fir green colors. First thing that doesn't look perfect is the TDF symbol
which is not centered in the parent. This circle also looks a bit
misplaced. Would be better with the dark green in my opinion. And last but
not least the 6.0 motif. Either you drop it completely or put it next to
6.0. As it is the only colored part in the cover it draws a lot attention,
which is not bad but needs care.


Hi KJ & others!


Looks great!


   1. LibreOffice - appears in a very large font too many times! Best is to
   have it just once - nicely, boldly, but once or maximum twice, 2nd in small
   font at the bottom.
   2. The font size for 'LibreOffice Documentation Team' is way too big.
   Not necessary to prefix LibreOffice to the 'Documentation Team'
   3. Better to bring the line toward the 2nd half, better in the bottom
   4. The image that looks like building blocks - would be great if that
   shows 'Writer', 'Calc', .... etc like blocks, but similar to the images
   used in V 5 'Getting Started Guide'
   5. Agree with Jorge Rodríguez - A little brighter is better. Somehow,
   LibO tends to have a dull, pessimistic look. Make a break and go for a
   really bright, optimistic look!

[image: Inline images 1]