Congratulations to our QA Volunteers!

The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice QA Team congratulate
volunteers Thomas Hackert and Ahitagni Mandal on their contributions
to our QA Triage Contest. We've sent each of them a Kiva Card
( and give them our hearty thanks for their work
in helping us track-down and triage bugs before the release of
LibreOffice to the public.

LibreOffice QA holds Community Bug-hunting/Triage events 1-2 times
each year in preparation for new releases of LibreOffice. We welcome
all LibreOffice users to join us in testing new features and reviewing
existing functionality to ensure that our final releases are a delight
for all of our users.

Events such as the QA Triage Contest are made possible by the gracious
contributions of our partners and sponsors. We love to award small
prizes and gifts to our Bug-hunting Event volunteers, and are
interested in expanding our programming to give even more users an
opportunity to get involved in the LibreOffice community. If you or
your company are interested in sponsoring an event or providing prizes
for our teams, please get in touch with Italo Vignoli

Robinson Tryon
TDF QA Team Coordinator