changes for this mailing list

Hello everyone,

as part of our membership process, we also would like to give e-mail forwarders to our approved members. Thanks to the folks from Heinlein Support in Berlin, who offered to take care of the mail forwarding and to program a web tool to enable users to configure the forwarding!

In order to be able to use two different mail servers -- one for mailing lists, and one for the mail forwarders -- we have to change the addresses of a few mailing lists.

In a nutshell: All lists currently known as will in the future be known as

In detail: => => => => => => => =>

You do *not* have to un- or resubscribe from any lists, as the list of all recipients will be automatically transferred to the new addresses. The subject prefix, like [libreoffice-website], will also stay the *same*. What *will* change is the address you have to send e-mails to, and the headers like List-Post and List-ID. So, in case you filter your e-mails based on the headers, you *do* need to act. This is most likely the case if you use a local mail client like Thunderbird. Webmail services like Google Mail usually do *not* make use of these headers.

The change will be effective during the day of

  Thursday, June 9th

I will send a follow-up e-mail when the addresses have changed. Immediately after that, assume the old addresses will stop working. I will try to set them as aliases for a few days, but I cannot guarantee it will work out.

However, *no* e-mail will be lost -- in case there is no alias in place, you will receive a bounce message and can re-send the mail again.

Sorry for these inconveniences, but they will help us in providing e-mail forwarders for our members.

In case of questions, feel free to ask me directly, or on the website@ mailing list.