Candidacy to the BoD elections: Cor Nouws

Dear people, dear members,

All good things come in threes: for the third time I would love to stand
for the elections of the Board of Directors.

Often I tell people about my enthusiasm and gratitude for our community.
What we have set up in 2010 with The Document Foundation, turned out to
be marvelous: a wonderful combination of all sorts of stakeholders.
Because we took advantage of the lessons learned in the years before,
diversity and inclusion of multiple vendors is anchored in our statues.
So we bring together people and organizations with all sorts of
backgrounds, with interest in free office software and open document
standards, in a community that respects the principles of meritocracy.

I love to continue working on further growth by again serving in a team
of board members. To that extend, I bring with me a wide experience in
all sorts of societies, foundations and representing bodies, helping
judging the balance in all situations. And not less important: a long
history in our community.
After having worked in the community, involved in a nice
mix of volunteering in QA, marketing, local activities, I had the honor
to be one of TDF's founders. Spending less time for QA etc - alas - but
having served many years in the MC and now two terms in the BoD. The
work for my small Dutch open source office service provider Nou&Off
evolved as well. Still helping a rich set of small to large customers
around LibreOffice, most of my work is now for Collabora Productivity.

All good things come in threes: TDF Lives, that we are Free People, and
together we Pursuit Improving!

Full name: Cor Nouws
Corporate affiliation: Nou&Off, Collabora Productivity

<75 words statement:

It would love to continue continuing contribute to the Board and the
wider community for the third time. Using my long experience in the
LibreOffice community and using my broad background in other
foundations, groups etc. With an open mind for what our world of today
and tomorrow is asking for, respecting the foundations unique position,
great variety of interests, meritocratic nature and its principles of
freedom and inclusiveness.

warm greetings,