Candidacy for the BoD elections: Paolo Vecchi


My name is Paolo Vecchi. I candidate for a second term in the board, to further improve its transparency and governance.

My goals for the next two years are:

1. Increase transparency from the board a lot. I will work on a real interaction between the community and the board. One thing I propose is to take and explain many more decisions in public and not any more behind closed doors.
2. Keep a good balance between the companies and the volunteers. We need a good and healthy environment where we all can work together on LibreOffice as equals, where contributions in all areas matter.
3. Publish the LibreOffice Community version in the app stores directly by TDF.
4. For the above, create a core team of developers directly at the foundation. This will also help us to further improve LibreOffice in key areas that are decided by the community and to fix long standing bugs.
5. Promote the adoption of ODF to local governments and institutions. We need to remove the interoperability barrier for LibreOffice that has been created by proprietary formats which are perpetuating vendor lock-ins.
6. Work with governments and European institutions, to create more opportunities for our community and make LibreOffice better known and adopted.

Many of my activities during this board term were with the legal group. Due to the nature of this, not all of them were visible in public. They included work to help investigate issues found with the long discussed business entity. During this effort, we determined that TDF itself has more options than previously thought. We should take this as an opportunity and this leads to my proposed goals for the next two years.

Also, just this week, you have seen a Conflict of Interest Policy published by my colleague Emiliano. It was originally started by the MC and is now also approved by the board. This was the result of many months of work of the legal group. It is an important milestone to keep a good balance between the corporate citizens and the volunteer contributors, for a diverse and sustainable community.

Some of my more publicly visible activities during this board term included contributions to the marketing plan. I've recently also worked with the European Commission to have an official bug bounty program for LibreOffice. This will strengthen our relation with them and makes TDF being heard also on this level. I also host a PeerTube instance with LibreOffice videos for those who, like me, are keen to have their privacy respected.

I’m based in Luxemburg, where I advocate for open source, open standards and interoperability both locally and at European level participating to various projects, initiatives and groups such us Gaia-X, Coalition for competitive digital markets, Open Source Program Office (OSPO) Alliance, etc. I am active in the local Hackerspace, too. I created the startup Omnis Cloud Sarl to deliver Cloud services and create Private and Hybrid Cloud infrastructure based on Open Source software to demonstrate that now it is possible to decentralise services and take back ownership of data using technologies we can control.

Full Name: Paolo Vecchi
Affiliation:  Omnis Cloud Sarl

75 words statement:
“During my first term, I started working on improvements to ensure that the foundation represents all contributors of LibreOffice as equals. I candidate for a second term to establish a real interaction between the community and the board, to work together much more in public. I want to extend the reach of LibreOffice into public and private sectors, speed up improvements and setup our app stores presence by employing a team of developers within TDF.”