Candidacy for the Board of Directors

Dear members of the Board of Trustees

I am Eliane Domingos de Sousa, 42, Brazilian member of The Document
Foundation and currently member of the Board of Directors. I run for

I have my small company that does services around LibreOffice technology
and ecosystem. My company also deals with other open source
technologies. I teach classes on LibreOffice and my associates do
consulting in LibreOffice for my customers.

What have I done for LibreOffice

In the last couple of years I acted as member of the BoD of TDF, but I
am involved with LibreOffice and TDF since the beginning.

I employed all the means I had to develop the use and the brand of
LibreOffice in Brazil. Since 2011 I managed to run social networks
around LibreOffice. In Brazil, and with the help of the community we
have Google Plus, FaceBook, Youtube and Twitter dedicated to LibreOffice
and in Portuguese. Links for social networks: [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]

LibreOffice Magazine is one of the achievements I am proud to be the
main editor and diagrammer. This bi-monthy e-magazine is completely done
in LibreOffice and is covers all aspects of the LibreOffice community,
including how-to's, case studies, interviews and also on FOSS. In
december, its 18th edition will be released. Link for magazines: [7]

I also participated in almost every open source business event in
Brazil, either sponsored by the private industry as well as from the
government, representing LibreOffice and The Document Foundation. In the
last 5 years, I gave lectures on LO in events, schools, I participated
in round tables and workshops, and managed LibreOffice booths in almost
45 business events in Brazil.

I also manage and publish news in the Brazilian LibreOffice blog, as
well as our pt-BR portal. Many of you have already seen all the graphic
designs I did for the blog posts as well as the social networks I manage
with the community. Link for blog: [8]

What I intend to achieve in the Board Of Directors.

The BoD position is an important position for the community.

I intend to be an active voice of the community inside the Board. A
careful mix between non-developers and developers in the board is
important to bring TDF close to its users and supporters.

So, this is what I do for the project in Brazil. I have an enormous
passion for the project, an enormous pride to be part of TDF and I'll
try to do my best.

I'm available to answer any questions.

75-words version:
My name is Eliane Domingos de Sousa, 42. I am currently member of the
Board and of the Brazilian community since 2010. I am a free software
entrepreneur and activist in Brazil, and also editor of the LibreOffice
Magazine. In the TDF Board I want to be the voice of the community and
bring TDF closer to LibreOffice users and advocates. I also think TDF is
in the crossway to address its growth and its institutional challenges,
which is a healthy business ecosystem to enhance LibreOffice adoption