Calc Guide 7.4 - Sparklines

Hello Skip, Hello Charles @Northwoods35 , @CharlesLG

We have a feature that was unlisted in LibreOffice Calc 7.4 until yesterday, namely Sparklines.

I wrote the help file about:

and the blog post for further details from the developer is at

Can I ask to write a couple of pages on the topic based on the info above with the right images to illustrate?

Whoever pick the task, please post here and inform your expected delivery date. I plan to publish the final guide next week.

The sparklines topic should be added to CG7403-ChartsAndGraphs.odt.

Thank you


PS. Feel free to copy contents from the Help file and use Tomas’s blog post as inspiration for your own writing.

I’m on vacation until the 24th but could pick it up then.

My translation colleague also noted the following in Chapter 1 at Working with Columns and Rows.
“I am missing here the options for Columns and, Hide Rows and using the new View > Hidden Row/Column Indicator feature. The Hide sheets option is (briefly) described.”

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