[box] version 3.4.0 and 3.3.x

Hi LibOxies,
another point for the LibOxes we discuss on the German ml [1] is:

The Germans produce a new box where "only" the 3.4-version is inside, which is for "early adopters" but not a "stable" version.

The question on the discussion is:
Should there be a box/dvd with an actual 3.4.x and a stable 3.3.x version together?

What would the other teams do?

There are for now two and a half posibilities:

1) 1 box with the 2 actual versions e.g. 3.4.0 and 3.3.3
1.5) 1 box with the actual 3.4.x version and a stable version like 3.3.2 but not always the newest stable version
2) 2 boxes one with 3.4.x and one with 3.3.x

for 1)
advantage: we give the user 1 product and he can decide for himself
disadvantage: more work for the builders. Maybe a little bit softened with 1.5)

for 2)
advantage: boxes exist and there must always be build only 1 version
disadvantage: confusion: An user gets e.g. on a fair the "wrong" dvd. So we should always give both dvds => Cases with two dvds inside. For every new version a new cover etc. => many waste material

Your thoughts about this?

[1] http://go.mail-archive.com/d6_Y7VjRYH2kNzMcTnYtpEtwRSQ=

I, for one, like to offer users a choice. BUT, you must have proper information about the differences between the versions.

Why 3.4.0? Why not wait for 3.4.1?

I think if you list the 3.3.x line as recommended for business use and 3.4.x like as early adopter's "cutting edge" personal use, or something like that. Then explain why it is that way.

Now as for "Germans produce a new box", if you mean a physical box, you can place two DVDs in it just fine. If you mean one DVD but you have two versions of the package on that disc, then you better have room for it and have a good explanation why you have two version on the same DVD.

I think the business users would rather deal with one version on a disc. Then there would be no confusion about what version is to be used.

As the person who rebuilds the install page[s] for the LibreOffice North American Community DVD [http://libreoffice-na.us/], I have both the 3.3.2 and the 3.4.0 version on our portal. I will updated the 3.3.2 to 3.3.3 when it comes out and 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 when it comes out as well. I will not be burning and 3.4.x DVDs to handout until it is 3.4.1. I will then have one for the business users and one for the personal user. NOW, if there is room on a DVD for two versions of the install, without too much being removed, I may look into having a 2 version DVD to try out myself, but I do not know what the team will think about having a 2 version DVD for the LibreOffice NA DVD. Our Windows-only DVD [1.6GB] has plenty of room for a second version, but the Windows-Linux-MacOSX version [3.7GB] is already almost stuffed to the point that there is no room for the second version.

One point I have, I cannot find 2 DVD cases. I have 1 DVD cases and 4 DVD cases. It costs less to use 2, 3, or 4 cases that have 1 DVD inside, instead of using the 4 DVD case. If you bundle several version, 1 case or more, you must have good information showing what each version is and why you should, or should not, use that version.

So for me: have one version of the DVD, case, and inserted paperwork,

1] for the business users so they only have the most stable version
2] for the personal users and have them choose which version they want to use

Yes this will make more work for the developers of the distribution DVDs, but it may be best for the users.

Since I am the one who keeps the DVD updated to the most current version[s] of the software, I do not mind the extra work. But it is up to team to decide which version will be promoted or handed out at the events. Right now, some of the members of the NA team think [for now] handing out 3.3.x DVDs at the events might be the better idea. Both personal and business users come to them and it may be difficult to make sure there are enough of two version of the DVD to be available and also get the proper version to the person who is picking up the event handout DVD.