BoD meeting minutes from 2015-01-21


Find below the board meeting minutes from the BoD meeting on 2015-01-21

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Minutes 2015-01-21
The Document Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting
Call Minutes

Location: Phone Conference Room

Session chair: Eliane Domingos de Sousa (Deputy Chairwoman of the Board)
Keeper of the minutes: Sophie Gautier

In the call: Eliane Domingos de Sousa (Deputy Chairwoman of the Board),
Michael Meeks (Board of Directors), Bjoern Michaelsen (Board of
Directors), Fridrich Strba (Board of Directors), Joel Madero (Board of
Directors), Eike Rathke (Deputy Board of Directors), Norbert Thiebaud
(Deputy Board of Directors), Florian Effenberger (Executive Director),
Italo Vignoli, Sophie Gautier.

Representations: Eike representing Thorsten.

Deputy Chairwoman of the Board is in the call. One of the Chairman or
Deputy is required to be present or represented for having a quorate call.

The Board of Directors at time of the call consists of 7 seat holders
without deputies. In order to be quorate, the call needs to have 1/2 of
the Board of Directors members, which gives 4. A total of 6 Board of
Directors members or their representatives are attending the call.

The board waives all formal statutory requirements, or requirements in
the foundations articles, or other requirements regarding form and
invitation, time limits, and for the topics discussed in this meeting.
Previous meeting minutes are published.

The call is quorate.

From now on, a quorum can be reached with a simple majority of 4 votes.

The meeting commences at 16:05 UTC. It was held in private as the board
saw a need for confidentiality during discussions. The results are now
being made public in accordance with our statutes.

1. Certification session at FOSDEM
Italo put the documentation together. Missing material will be sent next
Sunday. Those who didn't send will be reviewed by the next session.
Italo ask Eliane if she can help with the Brazilian team. Eliane will
add comments on Redmine tickets. Agenda for Brussels is organized.

The call terminated at 16:20
In the call at the end of the meeting
Eliane Domingos de Sousa, Michael Meeks, Bjoern Michaelsen, Fridrich
Strba, Eike Rathke, Norbert Thiebaud, Florian Effenberger, Italo
Vignoli, Sophie Gautier.

Eliane Domingos de Sousa (Deputy Chairwoman of the Board)
Sophie Gautier, keeper of the minutes