Board of Directors Meeting 2023-01-09

The Document Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting 2023-01-09
Meeting Minutes

Location: Jitsi

Session chair: Thorsten Behrens
Keeper of the minutes: Florian Effenberger

In the meeting:
    Board Members - Thorsten, Cor, Paolo, Gabor, Laszlo, Emiliano (from 17:11 UTC/18:11 Berlin on)
    Board Deputy Members - Gabriel
    Membership Committee Members - Marina
    Membership Committee Substitute Members -
    Community - Jessy
    Team - Florian, Ilmari, Sophie

Representation: Gabriel for Ayhan

The Board of Directors at time of the call consists of 7 seat holders without deputies. In order to be quorate, the call needs to have 1/2 of the Board of Directors members, which gives 4. A total of 7 Board of Directors members are attending or represented in the call.

The board waives all formal statutory requirements, or requirements in the foundations articles, or other requirements regarding form and invitation, time limits, and for the topics discussed in this meeting.

The meeting is quorate and invitation happened in time. From now on, motions can be passed with the agreement of a simple majority of those remaining present. The majority threshold is currently 4.

Any updates regarding director affiliations?
* no changes, current affiliations see election page:

Would any of the directors present need to declare an interest, for any of the listed agenda items?
* 1. #
* 2. #
* 3. Thorsten, Cor
* 4. #

The public meeting commences at 17:03 UTC / 18:03 Berlin time.


### Public Part

1. Answering questions from the community (tdf-board, 5 mins)

    Rationale: Provide an opportunity for the community to ask
    questions to the board and about TDF

* When will we have final decision for Bugzilla proposal? (Ilmari)
   * long-awaited Bugzilla 6
   * had quiet period, no discussion since last call (Thorsten)
   * not in oversight area, but happy to help (Cor)
   * happy to help, can drive this (Gabor)
* Offer fine as is, or decrease scope? (Ilmari)
   * might need some finessing wrt non-important bits for TDF (Thorsten)
   * importance of Bugzilla, if fairly balanced, no problem at all (Cor)

* Final decision for WollMux adoption proposal? (Marina)
   * previous board decision, no opposition nor concerns on board-discuss (Thorsten)
   * fine by me (Cor)

Emiliano joins the meeting at 17:11 UTC/18:11 Berlin

* Budget proposal deadline? (Marina)
   * as early as possible (Thorsten)
   * first budget draft approx. end of next week (Florian)
   * some proposals missing anyways, Christmas period (Thorsten)
   * also let us know if budgets can be dissolved or lowered (Florian)

2. Discuss, Vote: Join ALTER EU (Thorsten Behrens, 5 mins)

    The ALTER EU coalition, with over 200 members, many of which are
    FOSS projects. Membership is free, and is related to approving the
    10 objectives of the coalition.

* Any further information needed? (Thorsten)
   * Nobody

* Vote on the above
   * 6 approvals, 1 abstain -> motion approved
   * AI Thorsten: follow-up with Italo

The public meeting ends at 17:18 UTC / 18:18 Berlin time.

### Private Part

3. Discuss: Legal working group setup (tdf-board, 45 mins)
    Continue discussion from last board call

4. Discuss: Last minute item(s) (tdf-board, 5 mins)

    Rationale: if there is time left, and anything is popping up after
    sending the agenda

The private meeting ends at 18:17 UTC / 19:17 Berlin time.

Thorsten Behrens (Session chair)
Florian Effenberger (Keeper of the minutes)