Base Guide Preface v7.0 Review

Hello, LO Docs Team,

A quick question. I've read through the V7.0 Base guide revision (as per
Annie Nguyen's email, found in the Feedback folder), and I have some
syntactic and copyediting suggestions. Since this is my first official
document contribution, I was wondering if you prefer having edits sent
directly to this email? or in comment-form on the document?

Thank you!

  Samantha Hamilton
  darling docs

  <> <>

Make sure that  Edit > Track Changes > Record is checked. Then make the changes you want to make. You can also explain why you think the change should be made in comment-forms of the document. When you save the document, it will contain the original text and your changes. The author can then check what you have done and either accept or reject your changes.