Base Guide Chapter 7


Uploaded the file BG6407-Linking_in_Databases_PK_DJ_21June2020.odt to
the feedback folder with two minor issues. One fixed a typo (tracked
change added) and the other about the screenshot of the data source
toolbar. One of the toolbar buttons text changed - it is explained in
a comment.

One issue however - the last part of the chapter required use of a
third party tool pdftk to extract form data from a PDF file. The pdftk
software offers binaries for Windows and RedHat/CentOS Linux only. I
tried first to install it on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine using the alien
tool to change package format from .rpm to .deb, and this did allow a
successful install but unsuccessful execution complaining about a
missing required file - I then tried to compile it from the source and
ran into a missing dependency (it appears that matches the runtime
error), as of right now I don't have a solution for that - so I'll put
that file up today as my review, with this caveat that I couldn't
actually check if that macro works with pdftk.